At the open market

Every Friday in my neighborhood an open market takes place
along a street. Sellers (who most of the times are producers too) put their goods on benches at both sides of the street. Mostly fruits, and vegetables, but also fresh fish, sausages, wine, flowers etc. These images were shot on January 2009, except the 2 last ones which were shot in March 2010.

Looking but not touching

Who cares if prices are lower than last week, if all I can buy is three potatoes?


The empty wallet

The Sausage seller

I couldn’t help but stand a take a shot as this seller spoke about his sausages as if he was in love with them! I have never heard so sweet words about a sausage.


The Fish seller


The Apple seller




The Shoe seller


Chat away


Shopping Day


Shopping Break

About Stamatis Gr

Graphic designer by profession, photographer by hobby.
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1 Response to At the open market

  1. Mary says:

    A wide range of characters and moods in this series, each image is a little story, sometime a bit sad, sometime funny and sometime tender. The first three and the last one are my favourite. But I also love the startled look of the pineapple girl 😀

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