Hotel Mont-Parnes

On February 15th, 2009


The cable car

A quite stylish couple is waiting to get into the cable car that goes up the mountain Parnitha. Either to play with snow or to gamble in the cazino. There is no ticket to pay for this ride and the people that visit the place are quite many. Still, there are 18 cable cars that are moving in a circle so one doesn’t have to wait for more than few minutes. An experience that is not written in Athens tourist guides, which I strongly suggest.


The Center of the Universe

Isn’t it great being a kid ?


Moms in peace

So much peaceful when they sleep!




Snow after the Holocaust

The top of the mountain Parnitha, after last year’s (2008) fires which devastated it. The building on the right is a hotel that was left unfinished since the 70s. No one cared to finish it, or bring it to the ground and give back the space to nature.

About Stamatis Gr

Graphic designer by profession, photographer by hobby.
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4 Responses to Hotel Mont-Parnes

  1. Mary says:

    what do you suggest? The casinò or the view? LOL
    The last image is impressive. ‘cathedrals in the desert’ is how are called in Italy the unfinished, unutilized public buildings, and this looks like one of them. Surreal and a bit ominous under the livid atmosphere…
    The indoor atmosphere is much more homely and easy. I love the two images with the mothers. How very true to life 😀

  2. Awesome entry, Stam.
    Man that hotel is just like the abandoned sanatorium I usually go. Impressive photo.

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