Twice every year, on the 28th of October and on the 25th of March, schools are parading to celebrate our National Holidays. Images were taken during 4 school parades in 2008, 09, 10.


Walking towards the parade street

No Parking

Traffic policemen close nearby streets and traffic stops. Drivers are not happy.

Desperate bus driver

The driver has just listened to the traffic policeman who told him to make a turning manoeuvre and is about to shoot himself. It’s not easy driving in the streets of Athens…


Passengers are not happy either

One-track mind

I don’t give a s*** if the road is closed!
I payed a ticket and I want you to take me to my destination, no matter what!


Parading ties

The girl is going to participate in the parade.
The gentleman is obviously not.


Once I was

The interferance

He was having an interesting conversation with his friend,
when an aparently more interesting lady walked into the shop…


Lend me your eyes



Oh no!

Let me down

He was not happy at all!
All he wanted was to get down and run around barking at the spectators.


Ready for action

The parade starts with the Members of the Greek Resistance. Schools will follow them.

Pride and Shame

Members of the Greek Resistance against the Axis, parading locally during our National Holiday. (On the 25th of March we celebrate the official beginning of the uprising and revolution in 1821 against 368 years ruthless occupation by the Ottoman empire, which  finally led to the liberation of the country.)

The banners read:

“I was imprisoned by the fascists to set free the dreams of our youth.
Who gives you the right, today, to imprison ther lives?”

“I was sentenced to death twice, so our youth could live two times better than I did. Who gives you the right to deprive our youth from all their rights?”

“I fought so the children of Greece live a better life.
Why do you condemn them to unemployment?”

Greece is facing a devastating financial crisis recently.
And it’s DEFINITELY NOT ONLY the Greek people who are responsible for that!

Who is Responsible ?

as the media never show it all!


Caught in action

Little prince

The parade is over. People wait for the bus to go home

Waiting attitudes


Poster says: “Dare! Fight on the side of the Greek Communist Party.
Let the plutocracy bankrupt, not the people”


Weird suit

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Graphic designer by profession, photographer by hobby.
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4 Responses to Parades

  1. anjalampert says:

    lots of nice moments – but i liked the old man arguing about the bus not going any further most – that picture made me laugh! his body language is just great!

  2. Mary says:

    Another beautiful slice of greek life, a lot of expressive images and some thought-provoking ones. Great entry!

    • Stamatis Gr says:

      These parades are really a slice of our lives, particularly for the ones who have children that participate.
      Thank you so much for all your comments Mary!

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