B/W street fun in 10mm

Up close and personal

Sequel to the "Color street fun in 10mm" post.

Every Greek that has gone to school has at least once in his/her life participated in a school parade and every Greek that has kids, has at least once in his/her life attended a school parade. The following images have been taken with a Sigma 10-20mm lens at 10mm, during the school parade which took place on the 25th of March 2011.


The Cane

Getting positions

The bad example

The Shadow island


The Spectator

















Another Smoke

















Soil stained with blood

“How can you sell out the soil of our holy ancestors which is stained with the blood they shed in the battles they fought?”


















Smiling Baloonhead
















Hello there

Shadow coffee


The Sniffing Dalmatian

















The news

















Municipal workers


















See also previous post: "Color street fun in 10mm"

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9 Responses to B/W street fun in 10mm

  1. Susan Keiser says:

    Love this series!

  2. Rufus Mangrove says:

    fabulous ones here. love “hey” and the “smiling balloonhead” especially.

  3. Mary says:

    Good luck with choosing between colors and b/w 😀 😀 In a few images it really is only matter of personal taste. Personally I prefer b/w for most of them, except 1, 6 and 14. The shadow island is striking in b/w.
    I am not sure about number 3. Without the colors of the greek flag it looses something, but in b/w is very appealing…
    Some new gems in this series, 9 and 15 are wonderful!

  4. That’s a great entry, Stam! I loved shooting street with the 10mm until I have totally forgotten I had that lens. Now that I have found it again, I may be in for some more fun!
    Too bad there isn’t a 10mm 1.2…:sighs:

  5. betharr says:

    B&W no doubt. The colour set is nice too but when the photographer live in a
    sunny country… to capture shadows and light is pure art, is not it?
    I remembered the first B & W film I’ve seeing in my life.
    this was about Ulysses (Odisseu). It was the glory! 🙂

    All photos there make me more closer to the Greek myths that I learned to love at an early age. THX!

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