A Christmas walk downtown

All images in this collection were taken during a walk with my family and friends, on the 27th of December 2009 in the centre of Athens, mostly with a 18mm wide angle lens. Could be the Christmas of any year…



Blind Date

For a moment it crossed my mind that they could well be talking to each other without even knowing how close they are, without even knowing how one another looks like! Communicating in every possible way with so much ease, has made human relationships quite different from what they used to be.

Bohemian Smile

I liked the attitude of this young man.
He certainly looked like knowing how to enjoy his life.

The Runaway

Play it again Sam

The kind lady, obviously enjoyed the music and she has just opened her purse to contribute some change to the street musicians.

Koulouri time

Hot chestnuts

Is that what you want sir?

The eyes

















Cheap Porn

…for cheap people. At 50 cents per piece, suit your needs…













A matter of Style

Walking through the street ventors at the chaotic Ermou street,
downtown Athens, I couldn’t help but noticing this gentleman
who was carefully examining a vinyl record of “The Stylistics”
with quite a style!


Yeah, it’s Christmas…

…so what?


Thank you kindly

Helmets can save your life

Well… not this one

















The Kid


Pop corn


















Street artists

…during a break

Angels on earth

Eyes that look directly in your soul.


















Window shopping

If this financial crisis continues, window shopping will be the only kind of shopping we’ll be able to do…IF there are any shops left…


Buy my heads

Men have changed

“Either I’m not good looking today, or men have really changed lately!”

Old Dogs

Getting on the bus with a baby can be a little tough, especially when people don’t give a helping hand.



…at Syntagma Square.

About Stamatis Gr

Graphic designer by profession, photographer by hobby. https://stamatisgr.wordpress.com/
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7 Responses to A Christmas walk downtown

  1. Clicky Steve says:

    I like your pictures a lot, and admire your confidence in shooting them.

  2. Mary says:

    It definitely was a profitable day! 😀 Awesome set, so many different moments and emotions captured, and to see the images in sequence is indeed more fulfilling.

  3. betharr says:

    I agree
    Could be Christmas of any year. In my opinion it’s the same year by year.
    but the pleasure of seeing good pictures … this is the differential.
    I love to travel through the photos. Plus the your text your about… better!!!
    some scenes are approaching of Sao Paulo’s streets.
    one correction: we have strong temperature on Christmas.

    • Stamatis Gr says:

      You know, usually Christmas in Athens is warm and sunny. Not every Christmas of course and surely not as warm as yours!
      I am very glad that you like my comments under the pictures 🙂

  4. What a great entry, Stam! Very well documented moments.

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