An ordinary Athens afternoon

So my daughter asked me to get her downtown so she’d buy herself some new clothes. I had recently got myself a new toy smartphone and wanted to test its camera so I gladly said yes. While she was shopping I sat at a nearby cafe, ordered an espresso and fiddled with my new toy. An ordinary afternoon downtown, untill that happened:


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The man, the band and the dove



Joel Meyerowitz(?) at work

was he? I should have asked him!



Dancing to the band’s tune



Back to back

My daughter came back. We had to get back home. It was a lovely, ordinary downtown afternoon.

About Stamatis Gr

Graphic designer by profession, photographer by hobby.
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12 Responses to An ordinary Athens afternoon

  1. steppeland says:

    Great! Looks like you’re happy with your new toy, right?
    Am looking for a new easy to carry camera too – might be an idea to combine it with a smartphone… Awesome photo-series, this! 😀

    • Stamatis Gr says:

      Thank you very much! Indeed the new toy works well and it’s always in my pocket!
      And this makes it the best camera in the world 😀

  2. Eric Strijbos says:

    Awsome camera in that phone of yours! *envyyyy*

    • Stamatis Gr says:

      Technology moves forward Eric! Never thought that an 190 euro phone would shoot this way 😀
      Thanks a lot for the comment and the visit mate!

  3. Mary says:

    your new phone aced the exam!!!! 😀
    and it is funny how you took advantage of a shopping day for an impromptu photo session 😉 Awesome

    • Stamatis Gr says:

      It went well, though its images need correction in PS 😉
      The funny thing is that my first shots with it were disappointing!
      Because I was shooting through a transparent film which protected the glass in front of the lens, without me having noticed it 😀

  4. betharr says:

    have a nice moments with it.
    loved the pictures interspersed (colour/B&W)

  5. Jack070 says:

    So, what is the toy smartphone? Seems to work well as a pocket camera 🙂

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