A day at the zoo

It costs 15 eu to get in and there’ s no alternative if you wanna see some animals.



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A bright day at the zoo



On the loose



Striped tails




















Little shitting fellow 

“Lady with the broom couldn’t give a toss about the ‘little fellow’, probably grumbling about the mess it makes (??) and there’s a guy on a mobile, totally disconnected with what’s going on … the only connection is between the ‘little fellow’ and the lady trying to take his photo ” Comment from a Red Bubble aussie member



Different perspectives 

























Crocodile-back riding 




You gotta see this 

About Stamatis Gr

Graphic designer by profession, photographer by hobby. https://stamatisgr.wordpress.com/
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7 Responses to A day at the zoo

  1. DougNZ says:

    Wonderful as always Stam! You’re like me – when I go to the zoo I spend my time taking photos of the people 😉 “On the loose” is particularly cool

  2. dave beaty says:

    great series Stamatis

  3. Mary says:

    yay! a new update! it was about time 🙂
    15 euro to get in is sheer robbery! 😀 But it was worth it, and this series is full of unique, funny and tender moments so well captured! But I have a feeling that most of the ‘zoo photographers’ would disagree with me, LOL!!! I know I know, ‘it is a streetish approach to zoo photography’ 😛
    Keep them coming 🙂

    • Stamatis Gr says:

      A 4 member family needs at least 100 euros to visit the place! (At the exit is a very tempting gift shop :D). But you can spend countless hours in there, it really worths it 🙂

  4. Nuno Canha says:

    Great series.
    Love that light and detail.

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