A Christmas tree made of milk

The last couple of years Greece is in a big turmoil because of the so-called “economic crisis”. A lot have been said through the media in favour and mainly against my country… some are true, other not so…

The one true story is that the number of people under the level of poverty, having great difficulties acquiring basic things or even living on the streets is doubled since last year.
Fortunately, if I am allowed to say that word, I feel that people came closer to each other. They have started not to see each other in the hands or in the pockets but in the eyes and efforts of solidarity have strengthen and intensified.

One of these efforts was organised by the Medicins du Monde and Atenistas with the goal to create a single Christmas tree made of milk. The idea was inspired last year when a little girl asked a doctor if Santa Claus can bring her some milk…
Yesterday, the tree was not one but three and as Atenistas told us through their facebook status the amount of milk and provisions they gathered was doubled since last year!

I am not happy with the overall situation but greatly disappointed. I know that this is only the beginning and things will get worse for a long long time before getting better. But I can feel a tiny little bit of warmth and a scent of hope when I see that I can count on people…

Text by Monika Kritikou a.k.a. fiorello, photos by me.



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The dog by the tree























Doctors of the World



Los tres caballeros


































Collecting food

Except of the cans of milk a lot of food stuff was also collected.


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7 Responses to A Christmas tree made of milk

  1. Mary says:

    People have the power… 🙂
    Wonderful words and images to convey the atmosphere and purpose of the initiative

  2. Muthe says:

    I am so touched that people are getting close to each other, want to help each other. Thanks for sharing this with us, Mr. Stam. Happy holiday ^^ and may thing going to be better there. I hope people in Greece will always be filled with happiness, in bad times and good times

  3. Oh… The Christmas begins to look like a pyramid.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Things are not wonderful here either.. huge unemployment but one thing you can always count on is the human spirit and compassion ..even with the econonic picture looking bleak… people will help people.. this is wonderful…

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