Italy Unposed – Street photography e-book

It is my great pleasure to present you
the Street Photography e-book “Italy Unposed”
which I made at my professional Grafis Creative Desktop Publishing office.


Come and visit Italy. Not the Italy of tourism, art, history, culture but Italy…Unposed.

Gigi Alberti, Maria Elisa Cimetta and Umberto Verdoliva
will take you for a walk in their country, showing you its humanity and everyday life,
in its comic absurdities and unexpected beauty and poetry.

36 images, 54 pages, introduced by Richard Bram and Enrico Natoli.

To buy the e-book* contact Gigi Alberti at e-mail:
After your Paypal payment of 9 euros (or 11.50 USD) at
you will receive the link to the downloadable version of the e-book.

* e-books! you can read them anywhere, anytime! No matter if you are connected to the internet or not.
You can carry them everywhere. In your laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone. And of course, they cost much less than the paper-made ones!
Italy Unposed was made by  Grafis Creative Desktop Publishing Services
We’d be happy to make YOUR book as well!
You may contact us at:

About Stamatis Gr

Graphic designer by profession, photographer by hobby.
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  1. dave beaty says:

    awesome Stam!

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